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Why Are Androids Secretly Posing as Humans?

Why are there synthetic human androids taking on the roles of politicians, media personalities, and a whole host of different figures in society today, and why is their presence a secret? Well; they are merely tools” used to control and influence human society, and direct the thinking and behavior of mass groups of people, through covert means.

Simply put; why do a job yourself when an android can do it for you? The control of human society involves a vast and complex system of manipulation. This system incorporates many different types of control factors, and the androids are simply one cog in the overall machine, albeit a large and important one.

Synthetic Human Androids in the Media
– Most broadcasters on the main news networks seem to be non-human synthetic androids –

How Many Androids Are There?

The truth is that most of the personalities you see on television (or though online media platforms), who have an influence over a significant number of human beings, appear to be either non-human reptilian hybrids posing as human beings, or synthetic human androids.

From what is understood about the dark controllers of this planet, they certainly prefer to leave the “menial” tasks of enslaving humanity to anything other than themselves.

So how many androids are there operating within human society? Certainly thousands, but possibly tens of thousands. It is difficult to know exact numbers, but there’s many of them. Many of the well known figures in the media, particularly those in news broadcasting are androids.

– Jalen Rose was identified by many viewers as acting “unhuman” during a live NBA broadcast –

There have been many witnessed “malfunctions” on live TV, with them losing the ability to speak correctly, collapsing to the floor, and other strange unhuman like behavior. As expected; these occurrences, when noticed by the public, are explained away as health related issues, or something else that fits the mainstream narrative.

What Was the Role of the Elizabeth Holmes Android?

One of the key tactics used to keep the human population from understanding the truth about this world is DISTRACTION. If people’s attention can be held on endless trivial matters, day after day, week after week, month after month, then people will not have the time, energy, or inclination, to investigate deeper subjects and begin to put the puzzle pieces together.

Elizabeth Holmes 666 Hand Sign
The 666 hand sign was prominent throughout the Elizabeth Holmes narrative

The Elizabeth Holmes “character” was simply used within an ongoing “soap opera” storyline to hold people’s attention on meaningless nonsense for the months and years that this “story” played out. It was of course only one of many “soap operas” which constantly play out in front of the human population through the media as a distraction. All of which are 100% fake and pre-scripted.

All entertainment shows need actors, and the androids are perfectly designed for this role. They are 100% under the control of the script writers and will not deviate from the script.

The Elizabeth Holmes story was also used to subconsciously embed the narrative that “Women Are Untrustworthy And Can’t Achieve High Levels of Success Without Cheating”. The subjugation of women in society is another big control tactic of the reptilians and we will discuss this is more detail in future posts.

Elizabeth Holmes Android Robot
– The Elizabeth Holmes android posed for many photos in order to help establish the fake storyline –

So to clarify the Elizabeth Holmes “storyline”;

“A 19 year old collage drop out becomes the world’s first female billionaire by inventing a new type of blood analysis procedure and then ends up going to prison when it’s discovered she actually committed fraud and the procedure was fake.”

This fake narrative was then played out through the media over many months and years, with all the actors in the story playing their part. The investigative journalist John Carreyrou who “broke” the story in his book Bad Blood: secrets and lies in a silicon valley startup was also likely an android.

Elizabeth Holmes Bad Blood Book
– John Carreyrou’s book initially revealed the fraudulent actions of the Theranos company –

The narrative was also going to be cemented into mainstream society even further with the production of a Hollywood movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. This is a common tactic used to deeply embed a fake narrative into society, as was done with the fake Facebook story, through the movie the Social Network.

Eventually the fake story was reinforced with the release of “The Dropout” mini series in 2022, starring Amanda Seyfried, on streaming service Hulu.

Elizabeth Holmes True Story The Dropout Hulu Series
– The Dropout mini series has helped to cement the official fake narrative –

A very elaborate story with many components, including the development of the Theranos company and the implementation of the blood analysis devices through the Walgreens retail outlets.

This is the level of sophistication achievable for just ONE of these fake narratives. When you have thousands of android “actors” on standby, and you control all of society’s main infrastructure, it isn’t difficult to roll out these fake narratives on a constant basis.

The original unedited Elizabeth Holmes CNBC Interview with her “malfunctioning” finger

We will be releasing much more information about the androids, and how they are used to influence and manipulate human society over the coming months, so stay tuned.

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