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Reptilian “Calling Cards” in Hollywood Movies

The vast majority, if not all, movies produced by the Hollywood studios contain reptilian symbolism, either in the form of a visual representation or a spoken representation.

Visual symbolism is the most prominent, with the imagery of a snake, lizard, or dragon being the most common, and often these images will occur multiple times throughout a movie, sometimes subtly, and other times more blatantly.

Reptilian Symbolism in Daniel Radcliffe Move Horns 2014
– Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the movie “Horns” (2014) –

Of course Hollywood is a key tool for programming and distracting the human population and these reptile symbols are imbedded as calling cards” to the true producers of this propaganda.

The symbolism exists for two reasons; firstly to act as stamps of ownership and secondly; as a means to reveal the truth of reptilian involvement, in order to adhere to the Universal Law of “free will”.

– Indian Jones was scared of one thing – Snakes – Just another coincidence of course –

Reptilian imagery and symbols displayed in these movies provides those with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” the means to understand reptilian involvement in their production. This therefore gives permission to the reptilians to influence and manipulate the minds of the unconscious viewers, who choose to reject the truth.

It is a form of “permission” granted by the unconscious viewer, who even when shown (albeit mostly subtly) that reptilian hands are at play, still continue to accept the programming presented. This is all done on an unconscious level, but is enough for the Universal Law of “free will” to be adhered to. As a result it seems the reptilians do not receive any negative karmic consequences for their actions.

Reptilian Symbolism in Max Max Fury Road Movie 2015
– Subtle reptilian imagery in Max Max: Fury Road (2015) –

Now skeptics may argue that a snake being shown in a forest, or a character having a pet lizard in a tank, is not significant, and of course an odd occurrence of a reptile within a movie’s narrative would not be worth noting. But when this happens in literally every Hollywood movie, and often in quite “forced” means, then we have a phenomena which cannot be easily dismissed.

Some examples of the spoken reference of a “reptile” in Hollywood movies….

The Concept of the “Lifetime Actor”

One of the final sections of the featured video touches on the concept of the “lifetime actor” as presented by author and researcher Joe Atwill. It is apparent that NSA “whistleblower” Edward Snowden is one such “lifetime actor”.

Lifetime Actor NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden
– “Lifetime Actor” NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden –

The Edward Snowden “character” was used to disclose the truth of mass surveillance of the US population (And also worldwide). It seems counter intuitive for the controlling force on this planet to reveal this type of truth to the public, but this is again done in order to adhere to the Universal Law of “free will” and “gain permission” from the populace to be secretly surveilled.

Ultimately the reptilians always tell the human population what their agenda is, but this is obviously done in a very controlled, and subtle way.

The 2016 Oliver Stone movie “Snowden” is again a great example of a fake narrative being cemented into mass human consciousness though a big budget Hollywood production. The reptilian “calling card” is very blatantly displayed during the opening scene of the movie.

Reptilian Symbolism in Movie Snowden 2016
– A large reptilian figure hovers over the two reporters in the opening scene of Snowden –

If you’d like further information on the concept of the “lifetime actor” then this Joe Atwill interview, with fellow author and researcher Mark Devlin, is a deep dive discussion into the subject…

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