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Truth Revealed in the Movie “Metropolis” (1927)

The truth about our world has always been revealed through “entertainment”, and the classic 1927 movie Metropolis was no exception. Fritz Lang’s movie explained in detailed how synthetic human androids are used to control and manipulate society.

In the movie the Maria character is copied into android form, and then used to create instability in the lower working classes of society. Ultimately this leads to violence and the destruction of those targeted, just as the controllers of the android had intended.

Metropolis movie 1927
– The large pentagram behind the android shows the dark forces involved in their creation –

This shows how long these androids have been operating within society and the truth is; they’ve likely been utilized for much longer than 1927. The dark controllers on our planet have obviously had access to android technology for a very long time.

Dr. Peter Beter’s Organic Robotoids

Dr Peter Beter Organic Robotoids

Dr. Peter Beter was an American attorney and ran for governor of West Virginia in 1968. Later in life he began to discuss “conspiracy subjects” and wrote the book Conspiracy Against the Dollar: The Spirit of the New Imperialism.

Between 1975 and 1982 he released a series of 80 audio newsletters where he discussed many “conspiracy” related topics including the existence of “organic robotoids”.

He claimed several important public figures such as David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter were actually being impersonated by organic robotoids. – Wikipedia

Dr Beter’s insights into the synthetic androids were certainly ahead of his time, although he did assume they were a creation of the Russian government, rather than realizing they were part of a larger global agenda.

Androids Telling you what to Believe

The vast majority of media personalities involved in news broadcasting appear to be synthetic androids, and both the female CBS presenter and guest physician Dr Jon Lapook (featured in the video) certainly fit that mould.

Dr Jon Lapook
– Dr Jon Lapook certainly displays all the standard characteristics of a synthetic android –

Dr Lapook was used extensively in the media throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, to tell the masses what to think and believe, and reinforce the mainstream narrative.

– Dr Lapook was used constantly in the media during the Covid-19 pandemic to reinforce the mainstream narrative –

So whenever a “trusted” medical authority figure is required to explain away an android malfunction, then a character like Dr Lapook is wheeled in front of the cameras to suppress the truth, and explain it away as a health related issue.

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