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Are Humans a Main Food Source for the Reptilians?

As hard as it is to accept for many people, there is strong evidence to suggest that reptilians do consume humans as a food source. Many different people have come forward with the exact same information stating that this is a fact.

From alien abduction experiencers, like Ted Rice, to satanic ritual abuse survivors like Arizona Wilder, to underground base engineers like Phil Schneider, to the blatant symbolism used by companies like Alpha Romeo, it is hard to ignore the evidence.

Reptilians Consuming Humans as Food Symbolism

Ted Rice’s Abduction Experiences

Ted Rice Alien Abductee Reptilian Experiences

Ted Rice is an Alabama born psychic, who has experienced multiple alien abductions since childhood. He had worked with both Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic in the 1990’s, who helped him recover memories of his abduction experiences. More recently he has shared his information with Stuart Eglington during a number of interviews.

Ted’s experiences are certainly not unique, and many thousands of people have shared similar memories of abductions. Researchers Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Mack, and many others, have detailed the same basic abduction theme’s through their work.

– Ted Rice discusses his experiences during this interview with James Bartley and Stuart Eglington –

Truth Shown in TV Shows & Movies

As discussed on many previous posts; the truth is shown through TV shows, movies, and many other “fictional” entertainment sources. Humans being shown as a food source for malevolent beings is a very common theme indeed.

– The classic 1980’s TV show “V” contains many truths about our world –

The 2004 movie “Blade: Trinity” includes a scene inside of a human harvesting warehouse, where hundreds of people are strung up as food for the vampires. Could this be similar to what goes on in the deeper levels of the underground bases?

– Wesley Snipes’ Blade character is shown a human harvesting warehouse in the movie Blade: Trinity (2004) –

Many movies raise questions about the potential of other species consuming humans as a food source, such as “The Hunted” (2003), starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. The Benicio Del Toro character reminds the audience that 6 billion chickens are killed every year as food for humans, and then asks “what if there was a species above us on the food chain?”

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